Available courses

Delving into the subjects of diversity, equity, and inclusion, this course leads learners through self-reflection and awareness exercises, designed to increase their cultural competency and lay the foundation for new and different perspectives.

Reflecting on current and previous experiences, paired with interactive education, this course provides college students in the creative and preforming arts information on how to report and prevent hazing and offers alternatives to developing a group dynamic.

In this brief online course, students will become familiar with health and safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the American College Health Association, as well as their college or university.

This online course is partnered with HazingPrevention.Org (and leading hazing prevention academicians) to provide evidence-based, best practices that teach you how to recognize, prevent and report hazing.

Hazing Prevention 101™ Course – College Edition along with the Fraternity & Sorority Life Module teaches college students how to recognize, prevent and report hazing. This 90-minute course offers real life scenarios to prepare students to make informed decisions, ultimately empowering them to prevent hazing.

Prerequisite: Hazing Prevention 101™.

An add-on module that provides a deep-dive into issues specific to Fraternity & Sorority Life in chapters and colonies. Ideal for campus-based groups and national organizations. Requires completion of Hazing Prevention 101™.

The Athletics Edition includes our Hazing Prevention 101™ Course - College Edition evidence-based online course, reflecting best practices in hazing prevention education complete with case studies and pre- and post-surveys, plus a deep-dive module that covers specific issues student athletes face.

Prerequisite: Hazing Prevention 101™.

Athletics is an add-on module that provides a deep-dive into issues specific to student athletes. Requires completion of Hazing Prevention 101™.

A professional development series designed for campus-based professional and student admins who want immediate access to the latest topics on hazing prevention.

Be Fire Smart! College Student Edition is an online fire safety course in partnership with The Center for Campus Fire Safety. This 30-minute interactive course is intended to spread the fire and life safety message to students worldwide.

A one-hour, instructor-led training for high school teams, clubs and groups. The Training Kit includes an engaging multimedia presentation and supplemental materials, allowing your coaches and teachers to facilitate hazing prevention.
A hazing awareness and prevention-based online course for high school students. The course uses examples specific to athletes and student groups to help prevent hazing activity at your school.
This interactive course, developed in partnership with campus expert Dr. Josie Ahlquist, helps students navigate their online, social media and digital lives to maximize their professional presence.

This interactive online course is designed to expand your knowledge on human trafficking, empowering you to make your community safer. It contains real stories and videos. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion.