Available courses

HPO On Demand offers “on demand” access to the latest topics on hazing prevention, delivered by some of the leading speakers and practitioners in our field. Topics are designed for campus-based professionals and student administrators.

Hazing Prevention: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility™ is an evidence-based online course, reflecting best practices established by leading academics studying hazing. This one-hour awareness and prevention based course teaches college/university students how to recognize, prevent and report hazing.

This course requires you to have completed Hazing Prevention 101

This module is an extension of the prerequisite course, Hazing Prevention: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility™, designed for college/university students in fraternities and sororities. This 30-minute module uses examples specific to Fraternity & Sorority Life to prevent hazing activity in their chapter or colony.

Be Fire Smart! College Student Edition is an online fire safety course in partnership with The Center for Campus Fire Safety. This 30-minute interactive course is intended to spread the fire and life safety message to students worldwide.

This educational offering is designed as a guided/facilitated course for high school teams or groups. This instructor-led training takes approximately 1-hour.

This is a 30-minute online course for high school students. This module uses examples specific to athletes and student groups to help prevent hazing activity in high school.

Digital Wellness Toolkit: A Student's Guide to Protecting your Digital Identity and Reputation™ (College Edition) is an interactive online course in partnership with campus expert Dr. Josie Ahlquist. Produced through the lens of positive online possibilities, this one-hour course features award-winning research that helps students navigate their digital lives.