HPO On Demand offers “on demand” access to the latest topics on hazing prevention, delivered by some of the leading speakers and practitioners in our field. Topics are designed for campus-based professionals and student administrators. New offerings are being added throughout the year.

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  • Building Up Without Tearing Down
  • Presented by: Chad Ellsworth

  • 365 Hazing Prevention
  • Presented by: Kara Miller, M.Ed & Logan Davis

  • The Role of Mentoring in Hazing Prevention
  • Presented by: Dr. Ron Binder

  • Now is the Time for Change: A Research-Based Approach to Hazing Prevention for Culturally-Based Fraternal Organizations (CBFOs)
  • Presented by: Suzette Walden Cole and Rasheed Ali Cromwell, J.D.

  • The Importance of an Interdisciplinary Approach to Hazing Prevention/Intervention
  • Presented by: Tracy Maxwell

  • Planning for National Hazing Prevention Week
  • Presented by: Sarah Wild

  • Creating Your Prevention Plan
  • Presented by: Tijuana Julian, Ph.D. and Mark Fisher

  • Coming Soon What Parents Need to Know
  • Presented by: Lianne Kowiak & Emily Pualwan