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Our Partners

Hazing Prevention Network™ is a national organization dedicated to empowering people to prevent hazing, by providing education and resources, and building partnerships with others. Major initiatives of the organization include National Hazing Prevention Week, the Hazing Prevention Network Institute for Hazing Prevention, and educational webinars and courses that touch the lives of thousands of individuals, organizations, campuses, and communities. You can visit their website at

The Center for Campus Fire Safety is a non-profit, membership based organization devoted to reducing the loss of life from fire at our nation’s campuses. The Center strives to provide educational materials and training programs that promote, expand, and strengthen campus fire and life safety. You can visit their website at

The Harbor Institute is an educational consulting firm based out of Washington, DC that offers services and products in the areas of fraternity & sorority life, diversity & inclusion, leadership development, risk/hazing prevention, and cultural empowerment. The Harbor Institute services colleges/universities, non-profit organizations, and businesses by providing cutting-edge interactive educational programs, engaging and innovative retreats, impactful conferences and institutes, research, and curriculum development/assessment. You can visit their website at
The International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators (IAHTI) is a not-for profit organization that is proud to be the international leader in human trafficking education. IAHTI works with law enforcement, prosecutors, analysts, victim service providers, and communities throughout the world to provide the most up-to-date human trafficking training, investigative techniques, and technology. You can visit their website at
Dr. Josie Ahlquist is a digital leadership educator, discovering the intersection of digital communication technologies and leadership development in higher education. She believes in challenging how we think about social media for community building, leadership development, and student services. You can visit Dr. Ahlquist’s website at
A tragic alcohol-related hazing incident took the life of Gordie Bailey during his third week of college. The Gordie Center is dedicated to sharing Gordie’s story to prevent future hazing-related alcohol overdose deaths. Through their documentary, HAZE, and other educational materials, the Center works to end hazing and substance misuse among college and high school students nationwide. Visit their website at The Gordie Center.